Saturday, 17 August 2013

Optimism Increases Your Resilience (Confidence is an OUTCOME gained through H.O.P.E.)

This post is part 3 in my series Confidence is an OUTCOME gained through H.O.P.E.  The "O" in H.O.P.E. stands for Optimism.

Say the word "Optimism" to a lot of people post-2008 and they sneer knowingly and wonder just how in touch with reality you are.  Yet speak of Resilience and an ability to keep moving forward after a setback, and you are likely to be admired.  "What's your secret?" people want to know.  In a word, it is Optimism.

Optimistic people believe that they will rise above life's challenges 
and are able to keep calm in tough situations.

Because of this, Optimists are less distracted by their own thoughts and more observant of the situation they are in and the external world.  They therefore are able to see opportunities that others may overlook.  And with the ability to put things in perspective, bounce back after setbacks, and generally be resilient, a strong Confidence emerges.