Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Purposeful Selfishness: What It Is and How to Get It

Early autumn is always the busiest time, with everyone back from summer holidays, thinking about what we need to achieve by year end.  This is true for me as well, and so this blog has unfortunately had to wait in the wings until now.  For those readers who have been waiting for the next installment, apologies.

My clients tend to come from financial services, engineering/manufacturing, or the public and third sector.  Now well-launched into that final quarter push to year end, all the meetings activity since the summer has given me cause to reflect on how it is that we each get things done.  Most of us will achieve our business objectives and hit our targets, but what are we doing for ourselves that would make the biggest difference in the long term?

Without a singularity of purpose and drive, a purposeful selfishness¸ we risk having the year slip past without having achieved the one thing that would most satisfy us.  

Who gets ahead at work?