Tuesday, 31 December 2013

When Good Things Happen (Confidence is an OUTCOME gained through H.O.P.E.)

Back in the 17 August blog entry I focused on Optimism and how when bad things happen, you can turn a Pessimistic response into an Optimistic response.  This is done by changing your thinking about the bad event from the 3 P's (Pervasive, Personal, and Permanent) into a SIT (Specific, Impersonal, and Temporary) response.  (Credit to Martin Seligman.)  What about when a good thing happens?

This post is part 4 in my series Confidence is an OUTCOME gained through H.O.P.E.  (Happiness, Optimism, Purpose, and Energy)

When good things happen to us, it is equally important to maintain a healthy manner of thinking about these events.   And it is quite easy to do now you are already alert to the 3 P's and the SIT response.

You reverse the thinking.  

While Pessimists in response to a BAD event blame themselves (make it Personal) and expect misfortune to become a Pervasive and Permanent state, Optimists in response to a GOOD event credit themselves (make it Personal) and