Thursday, 27 March 2014

Change Management: Are you Blocking Your Own Progress?

Today I am thinking about four of my clients and how they each lead change.  I'm also thinking about some further study I've done lately in Transactional Analysis.  Often we allow our internal scripts to impact how we lead change. Scripts are internal rules on how or what to be, do, think, feel, and need that we formed early in our lives.

Often we allow our internal scripts to impact how we lead change.

Two of my clients have just worked through massive restructures in their organisations.  Their new teams are "finding their sea legs" together and determining how they will fulfil their objectives as a team.  Both leaders have been working extra hours for several months as they cover vacant posts and deliver tough messages to unsuccessful candidates.  Each cares deeply about their organisations, and they have seemingly ceaseless energy.  As they make their personal transitions from being hands on and involved in the day-to-day to defining the strategy and inspiring the team to achieve it, it is easy to fall into a few traps.  For example:
  •  Leaving the day-to-day too quickly.  You've waited a long time to get the full team in place, but acclimating the team as a team is important.  Resisting the desire to step away entirely and move exclusively into the longer-term strategy now you have a full team is important