Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Self-Discovery in Coaching, Part 2: Challenges Posed by Organisational Life

As an executive coach, my ethos is to create deeper and broader understanding with my clients.  If the client can have a broader view of the world, and deeper understanding of himself as a leader, then the capacity to continue to develop after our work ends is his (or hers) for a lifetime.  At the heart of this process is self-discovery.

In executive coaching engagements, however, there are two major challenges to self-discovery by the client:
  1. A client’s organisational conditioning that developmental insight is given,  rather than gained through reflection.
  2. Time—the increasing amount of change required in leaders by shorter and shorter coaching engagements. 
Conditioned to Receive Feedback 
Clients sometimes come to coaching in the hopes that mysteries about themselves or what holds them back