Thursday, 31 March 2016

Can You Really Afford to Wait? Part 1: Why a Clear Purpose is the Best Way to Manage Time

As an owner of a small consultancy, one thing you learn to do very well is manage time and get things done.  In an age where slowing down and being mindful is in vogue, and stress reduction and work/life balance are more prominent topics in the workplace, where does the entrepreneur fall on the continuum?  Well, truthfully, my pursuit of my goals wins over my desire for balance on many weeks of the year.  But taking the whole year in sum, the time I make for family and friends and new experiences is what sustains me and keeps me looking at the world with fresh eyes.  It also keeps me increasingly ruthless with how I spend my time.

Having recently been asked to create a targeted seminar on the new thinking in time management, I thought I'd share with readers of this blog some ways that executives take control of their time and create the conditions for a fulfilling career.  To me, they are one and the same.