Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Proven ROI on Team Building & Coaching: Talent Futures Case Study

In late 2013, a German CEO turnaround expert was appointed to an acquired manufacturing subsidiary of a global engineering company.  Over three years he transformed it from worst Health and Safety site to the leading site in Health and Safety and Sales by developing a forward-thinking and engaged workforce.

A team of four coaches and consultants from Talent Futures:

  • Coached the CEO as he transitioned from turnaround expert to steady-state leader. 
  • Provided four team building workshops to the senior team over a 15-month period. 
  • Provided transition coaching for new Directors. 
One measure of the value of the outcomes came the week after the third workshop.  The CEO and directors decided to use their newly acquired ways of working together to address an ongoing manufacturing problem.  Previously, each time a particular part was manufactured, it failed to meet specifications and the run would have to be scrapped.  Despite numerous adjustments they had made to try to solve the problem over the past several runs, the same defect was occurring. This cost them 250,000 every time the part was made.  Prior to the leadership workshop, they thought they would have to outsource the manufacture of this part.  Using the new challenge and discussion methods, however, the team solved the problem within a week and has consistently and successfully manufactured the part since.

Executive Coaching of the CEO, 2014-15

The CEO had previously transformed other subsidiaries for the British company.  This challenge was different, however, in that he was also expected to make one of the hardest leadership adjustments—from transformation